StateCamper is your ultimate stop when it comes to camping at the most scenic locations with adequate amenities for you and your family/friends to benefit from.

Our sole focus is to create family-friendly campgrounds for people to connect while taking it the perks of being amidst nature. Campgrounds are supposed to be safe, comfortable, and full of adventurous activities to do and that’s exactly what StateCamper is known for.

All our campgrounds across the fifty states are designed to present a home-away-from-home experience for you and your loved ones to enjoy together. Based on the camping structure we ensure, there’s something for every single camp member to do no matter what age they are.

Of course, every single moment you spend with your loved ones outdoors will be memorable but here in StateCamper, we do our best to create experiences full of adventures and learning opportunities that help to reduce stress significantly.

StateCampers has got every type of campsite available to cater to your needs. Starting from woodside camping and campsites with campfires to luxurious glamping sites and dog-friendly campsites, it has got it all covered.

If you want to experience the “Van” life but in the most secure you possible, you can try our Camper Van Hire service that offers quite a variety of interiors including retro, vintage, modern, and more!

We are passionate about making you experience the outdoors in the safest way so that you can take a break from weekends at home with Netflix and pizza, or vacation at a resort with a confined space.

The key to relieve the maximum amount of stress accumulated from our daily lives is to take a shelter in nature. Breathing in fresh air and sleeping under the starry skies surpasses an expensive hotel trip any day. Our idea is to form ideal spaces for you and your loved ones so that you can embrace the nature in each other’s presence.

Depending on the type of campsite you choose, we offer you an abundance campsite amenities to please the camping members of all ages. From live music and movie nights to food trucks and portable kitchens, our campsites have got it all covered.

Healthy lifestyle enthusiasts can take part in yoga classes while adventure-seekers can opt for zip lining, bungee jumping, river rafting, and more. Even if these do not interest you, you can always go for Stargazing Tours or decide to sunbath in the campsite pools. For children there are a myriad of games organized in every campsite so that you don’t have to constantly keep them busy by yourselves.

All the StateCampers staff members have gone through informative training to ensure you the best service and provide solution to any problems you may face in our campsite.

We hope to help you make great memories with your friends and family at our uniquely designed campsites located all over the country. StateCampers has undoubtedly become a multifaceted community that helps bringing people together and we desire to have you onboard so that our community can grow even more.