Camping with your dog will not only bring you close to nature but will also help you create treasurable memories with your furry animal. As we all know, spending quality time with your dog can be highly beneficial and entertaining for both of you so why shouldn’t you take it up a notch and have the time of your life outdoors?Check out how to camp with a dog.

A camping trip with your dog will help them gain more trust through various fun activities thereby increasing the chances of them being mentally stimulated.

With that being said, there are quite a few factors to be considered before the camping trip. As long as you follow the well-thought tips mentioned below, you’ll be good to go. 

Useful Tips On How To Camp With A Dog

How To Camp With A Dog

Plan Beforehand

Even if you think you can pull an overnight camping trip with your dog, you shouldn’t do so mainly due to the multiple uncertainties you may have to face.

The best idea is to book a campground a few weeks in advance and provide relevant training to your dog so they do not get overwhelmed throughout the journey as well as on the campsite.

Do A Trial Run

Since your dog will be subjected to a new environment, they may not cope the way you want them to as soon as you reach the campsite. This is why you should practice a trial run before the actual trip.

You can do a backyard campout to give them an idea of what they will be experiencing by putting up a tent. To get them used to longer leash-time, take them for long walks and help them relax for a while outdoors especially if they’re used to staying home most of the time.

Also, your dogs may have to socialize a little with other dogs on the camping ground, so it’s ideal to take them on playdates with your neighbor’s dogs before the camping trip.

Schedule A Trip To The Vet

A vet appointment is necessary before you take your dog on a camping trip. Your pet must have all the current vaccinations as well as some form of tick prevention used on them.

Your dog needs to be groomed and checked for any possible illnesses. To be on the safe side, you can also microchip your dog so that you can easily locate them in the outdoors if they are lost.

Bring Lots Of Toys

You never know how your dog is going to adapt to the change in environment so you must bring their favorite toys to keep them busy and calm if they get too overwhelmed. Camping in the outdoors does not mean constant adventures for both you and your dog, so a little break for playtime can be a life savior when your dog starts to panic.

Keep Your Dog Hydrated

Whether your camping trip is full of activities for your dog or not, it’s important to keep them extra hydrated than usual especially due to the scorching heat outdoors during summer. You must bring an outdoor-safe water bowl to the campsite and make sure that they drink a sufficient amount of water throughout the day.

Ensure Their Security At All Times        

When you’re outdoors, the security of your dog lies in your hands therefore you must take extra precaution and not let them wander around into the woods. Since there’s a high possibility of that happening you should keep them leashed during all the activities except when there’s a fenced space for them to play.

Try Dog-Friendly Activities

The idea to bring your dog along on a camping trip is so that you can spend more time together. So, you should plan out dog-friendly activities which you and your loved ones will enjoy as well.

These may include hiking through the trails, going to a nearby beach, visiting the local parks, cooking and enjoying meals together, and having an outdoor-games marathon.

Keep An Eye For Wildlife

Before you go on the camping trip, you should research a bit on the campsite plant life so you know what to expect. As soon as you reach your campsite, look around the surroundings for wild plants or trees that may be poisonous and try to keep your dog away from them.

Also, do not let them drink from a nearby lake or pond as harmful algae may infect them. As for wild animals, you’ll most likely be safe in a campground but be extra cautious if you’ve opted for dispersed camping.

Keep Your Dog Inside The Tent At Night

While sleeping, you should keep your dog inside the tent instead of keeping them exposed without any protection. Not only will that keep them safe from coyotes but it will also help them sleep better as long as you have proper sleeping gear for your dog too.

You just need to make sure there’s sufficient space which is why you should always size up while purchasing tents.

Utilize Important Leashing techniques

Your dog should be leashed the majority of the time in your camping trip. You can use a stake or an RV handle to leash your pet when you’re sitting around the campfire.

When you’re exploring a large area, you can utilize an expandable leash so that your dog has more room to run back and forth if they want. Also, always keep an eye out for possible leash entanglement with trees, table legs, tent poles, etc.

Abide By The Rules and Regulations of the Campground

Every campground has a set of rules and regulations for pets. If you do not have access to it online, you can contact one of the staff in the particular campground and familiarize yourself with all the rules and restrictions.

The most common rule is the leash requirement, mainly for the safety of other campers. Some campgrounds may ask you to leave the premise if your dog barks uncontrollably through the night while dogs with aggressive behaviors are often not welcome in such confined spaces.

Essential Camping Gear For Your Dog

How To Camp With A Dog

  • Sleeping pad
  • First aid kit for pets that include vet wrap, gauze, tweezers, antiseptic cream, tick removal tool, etc.
  • Identification tags with contact information
  • Current photo of your dog
  • Vaccine records
  • Sufficient food for the full trip
  • Lightweight collapsible bowls for food and water
  • Favorite treats
  • LED collar for easy visibility during a potty break
  • Disposable garbage bags

Final Words

If your heart is pleased just seeing the small appreciation gestures by your dog when you take them out on a walk or give them their favorite treat, you’ll be surprised at how immensely happy they get when you spend days with them outdoors.

Depending on your location and how far you’re willing to travel, you’ll come across many campgrounds or dispersed camping options that ensure dog-friendly arrangements. So, get started on the preparation for your next camping trip with your dog because it will surely be their “Dream come true” moment!

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