For a successful camping trip in the wilderness, you need every essential piece of camping gear. The great outdoors calls for appropriate equipment that will not only help you survive but also allow a fun experience outside the comfort of your home. Check out the list of well-inventoried places where you can buy camping gear in Massachusetts.

Investing in low-quality camping gear is not just a waste of money but can be immensely detrimental to your trip as it will push you to a crisis. To get your hands on superior-quality camping gear in Massachusetts, check out the nearby option of any store mentioned below.

Best Stores To Buy Camping Gear In Massachusetts

Where To Buy Camping Gear In Massachusetts

The Arcadian Shop

The perfect camping gear shop to go to if you’re in the Lenox area is the Arcadian Shop as it carries popular brands like Backpacker’s Pantry, Fischer, Big Agnes, and more. No matter what type of camping gear you need, this shop has it all – tents, sleeping bags, stakes, poles, and safety essentials.

The knowledgeable staff in the store provides unparalleled advice that you may require if you’re going on your first camping trip. So visit this store, and grab all the camping gear essentials as well as weather-appropriate soothers such as hand warmers or hydration tablets.


REI is the most popular store for top-branded camping gear in the Boston area. Other nearby stores are located in Hingham, Framingham, and Reading. In REI, you can find every camping essential starting from clothing and footwear to tents, sleeping equipment, safety tools, and more.

Plus, the products you find in REI are also suitable for hiking, cycling, rock climbing, skiing, etc. In addition to these, they offer professional ski, snowboard, and bike repair services which you can opt for right before your camping trip.

Sam’s Outdoor Outfitters

Where To Buy Camping Gear In Massachusetts

If you’re looking for one store where you can find all sorts of camping gear including the staples and the luxurious ones, the Sam’s Outdoor Outfitters in Hadley will be your ideal stop. It has appropriate clothing, footwear, hunting and fishing gear, camping and hiking gear, as well as kayaking equipment.

The informative sales associates will help you choose the perfect set of tools you need for your next camping trip depending on the weather, location, and duration.

Maynard Outdoor Store

In operation since 1950, the Maynard Outdoor Store is the locals’ favorite spot for obtaining camping gear. Not only is it equipped with necessities such as sleeping and cooking gear, but the store also has helpful staff who can advise you on what to purchase and how to use it.

A must-check-out section of the store is their Quick Dry Clothing line that will be your life savior during camping during the rainy seasons. So, if you’re looking for affordable camping gear in Maynard, you must visit this store.

Hilton’s Tent City

Where To Buy Camping Gear In Massachusetts 

If you make a stop at the Hilton’s Tent City right before you’re camping trip you’ll come out fully equipped with all the essentials as well as products that don’t even cross your mind. This store is packed with products from renowned brands such as Eureka!, Big Agnes, and Marmot.

All the Cambridge folks stop by this store when they need any camping essentials like sleeping bags, tents, cookware, lighting, footwear, safety tools, clothing, and more!

The Ski Monster

Looking for a store where you can find all the essentials for your next camping and skiing trip? Then, check out The Ski Monster in Boston that is equipped with a myriad of products that you’ll need for camping in the snow. Even though the price range is on the higher end of the spectrum, the quality of the products makes it worth it.

If you are a frequent camper during the colder months, you should grab a few essentials from The Ski Monster that may include snowboards, jackets, goggles, skis, snow boots, etc.

Natick Outdoor Store

The Natick Outdoor Store has a huge collection of camping gear that will get you prepared for your next trip. Not only do they have tents, sleeping bags, and air mattresses to enhance your sleeping situation in the woods, but they also offer an assortment of compasses, camping knives, and first aid kits that will ensure your safety and help you in the moment of a crisis.

Therefore, if you live in Natick or you’re planning a hiking or camping trip in the area, visit this store to obtain all the essentials.   


Located in Boston, Patagonia is the perfect place to buy outerwear suitable for camping in cold weather as the store is filled with high-quality pieces such as down jackets and insulated jackets.

You can also find durable and stylish backpacks that are ideal for hiking, trekking, and camping in the woods. The staff in the store is extremely friendly as well and they have an excellent return policy if you were to have any trouble with the purchased item.

LowerGear Outdoors

If you do not want to spend money on buying camping gear, you can rent them out from LowerGear Outdoors that ships its products to Boston and nearby areas.

It has every possible gear that you may need for camping and backpacking that includes tents, sleeping bags, lights, backpacks, hydration gear, and more. The website is quite easy to use as well. All you need to do is choose the “Rent Online” tab on the top toolbar and browse through categories to choose from.

Final Words

Before you visit any stores mentioned above, make a list of camping gear that you need depending on the duration of the trip, the weather forecast, and the total number of camping members so that you can purchase the essentials and nothing more or less. The key to having a good camping experience is to bring the right gear and any piece you buy from one of the stores mentioned above will ensure that.


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