Camping is a customizable experience which means you and your friend probably won’t be bringing the exact set of items to your camping trip. However, there are few camping essentials that you cannot do without when you’re in the outdoors. Check out where to buy camping gear in Wisconsin.

It’s crucial to buy high-quality camping gear that can withstand extreme weather conditions. The key is to find a store where you can obtain these weather-suitable items to survive in the wilderness. To help you out, we have curated a list of the best stores you can buy camping gear in Wisconsin.

Best Places To Buy Camping Gear In Wisconsin

Where To Buy Camping Gear In Wisconsin


Sherper’s is equipped with everything you need for your next camping trip starting from tents, sleeping gear, and kitchen supplies to backpacks, electronics, and survival kits. The local camping gear in Wisconsin supply store has products from renowned brands like Mountainsmith, Eureka, ALP Mountaineering, and more.

To make your camping trip comfortable you can also purchase camping furniture from Sherper’s. All in all, it’s a great outdoor gear store located in Hales Corners. So, if you are in the nearby areas or Milwaukee, you should pay a visit to this store and grab all the essential camping gear.

Fontana Sports

Located in Madison, Fontana Sports is a top choice for many locals when it comes to any outdoor gear purchase. The store is packed with all sorts of camping gear to make your stay in the outdoors safe and comfortable.

You can find weather-fitting sleeping gear, clothing, footwear, and more in Fontana Sports. It has products from popular brands like North Face, Osprey, Marmot, Patagonia, and Columbia. To obtain quick customer service, you can bring a list of all the camping essentials you need and the staff will help you find the ideal ones for you.


Where To Buy Camping Gear In Wisconsin

In Sierra, you can find every possible top brand for the outdoor lifestyle in terms of both clothing and gear. Starting from jackets, hoodies, boots, and athletic shoes to backpacks, sleeping gear, lighting, and kitchen tools, it has got it all. Located in Madison, this store has a huge supply of camping essentials at an incredible value.

Plus, if you’re simply looking for products that you can incorporate into your active lifestyle, Sierra should be your spot. If you’re not in the area, you can also purchase the essentials online and get free shipping on orders of more than $89 using the code SHIP89. 

Yellow Wood

For the ultimate camping gear supply and excellent assistantship, you should check out the Yellow Wood store in Whitefish Bay. It’s a luxurious outdoor gear boutique that is equipped with high-end brands such as Canada Goose, Jet Boil, and Big Agnes.

The top-notch customer service of the store is note-worthy as well since the staff is trained to provide you sufficient knowledge on any product you’re looking into. Plus, all the items in the store are Bluesign Certified which portrays that the production is done in a way to reduce the impact on the environment.  

Clear Water Outdoor

Where To Buy Camping Gear In Wisconsin

Clear Water Outdoor is an outdoor clothing and gear store situated in multiple locations in Wisconsin – Milwaukee, Lake Geneva, and Delafield. The store has provisions of all sorts of clothing suitable for summer, spring, or winter such as outerwear, baselayers, swimwear, etc. They have an amazing collection of hiking boots and winter boots for men, women, and children.

In terms of camping gear, you can find backpacks and camping furniture as well. Plus, their fleece blankets are excellent for winter camping. So, if you are near any Clear Water Outdoor locations, you must pay a visit before your next camping trip.

Solstice Outdoors

If you live in Ashland, and you’re in search of appropriate clothing and gear for your next big adventure, Solstice Outdoors is the place to go. It’s a premier gear shop that carries top brands for you to choose from.

Here, you can find clothing in abundance including outerwear, rainwear, baselayers, jackets, and accessories. In terms of gear, you must check out their collection of cookware, medical kits, backpacks, paddling accessories, hammocks, and hydration packs. What’s great about this store if you can get every possible camping essential you can think of under one roof.

The Hiker Box

The Hiker Box has a collection of camping clothing and gear from the most trusted brands. To name a few, their list of categories includes outerwear, footwear, tents, hammocks, cookware, and medical supply.

Due to the presence of top brands such as Big Agnes, Eureka, Adidas, and Kelty, you can be assured that anything you purchase will last you for years. Since there are a plethora of products for you to check out, a narrowed-down list of essentials will be quite helpful before you visit the store.

Erehwon Mountain Outfitter

To Buy Camping Gear In Wisconsin

Located in Glendale, Erehwon Mountain is a local’s favorite gear shop that has a huge supply of outdoor clothing and equipment suitable for various types of weather. You can find sleeping gear, kitchen accessories, and backpacks from popular brands like Big Agnes and Osprey.

Besides, the store has an inventory of medical kits that you may need for survival in the wilderness. Given that it’s the best outdoor gear store in Glendale, you must purchase all your camping essentials from here before you head out for your next adventurous trip.

Final Words

No set of camping gear is going to be suitable for all seasons. Therefore, before purchasing equipment for your next camping trip you must consider multiple factors such as the destination, climate, and landscape. For example, a standard tent would suffice during winter but you’d need a waterproof one during the rainy season. So, make sure you consider all the important factors before hopping on one of the above stores.


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