Camping facilities are accessible via the DCR (Department of Conservation and Recreation) for campers of all levels. Yurts and tents offer accommodation, power, and appliances. Accessible campsites with even land, pedestal grills, and convenient outdoor tables are available.Available washrooms are often on the same path as the sites, but you cannot always find an easy walking path leading from the sites to the restrooms. Before making a reservation, you can check with the campground and see if the cabins, cottages, or tent sites meet your requirements. When reserving a campsite, make sure to familiarize yourself with DCR camping laws in Massachusetts

General Camping Laws

– Campers can make changes to their reservations 6 months prior

– If the departure date exceeds the 6 month time frame, no changes can be made till 18 days has passed from the reservation date

– If a camper cancels on the first day, they will be charged that night’s fee along with a $10 cancellation charge

– Campsites will be reserved until 8:00 AM after the date of arrival. Unless there is no contact for cancellation within that time, the camper(s) won’t receive any refund

– Alcohol is not allowed

– Each campsite allows 4 people to camp

– Each campsite can have 2 accommodations (tents, cabins, camping trailers)

– At most 2 vehicles are allowed at a single campsite

– Campers have to check in between 1:00 PM and 9:00 PM

– Campers can check out at any time before 11 in the morning. Failure in doing so would result in an additional fee

– Visitors are allowed on campsites from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM

– Campers have to maintain hygiene in the campsites

– Campers must use dishwashers for cleaning their utensils and avoid using the restroom

Quiet Hours

You can have all the fun you want on a camping trip away from your home. You can play your musical instruments or practice youra’cappella, but there are some rules you have to abide by. The quiet hours set by campsites are from 10:00 PM to 7:00 AM.

– Campers cannot use any audio device or instrument within the quiet hours that might disrupt other campers

– No electrical equipment (like a generator) can be operated during the quiet hours unless there is a medical emergency

– Avoid making unnecessary noises that can hinder the lives of other campers or the wildlife around the campsite

Registration Rules

– Campers cannot sign up for more than one campsite at the same time

– Authentic documents and valid identity has to be provided during registration

– DCR has the authority to ask identification for not just the one making reservations, but everyone that would be present for camping (People above the age of 14) 

– Campers cannot go through the process unless his or her camping gear is available at the time of registration


– Campers cannot choose random spots to camp, the camping area has to be decided by DCR

– Campers are allowed one small tent for structured campsites (spots with cabins, yurts) unless they have permission

– People camping in groups can have a maximum of 10 people in a shelter

– For non-structured campsites, campers are allowed two tents or a tent and a camping trailer. The floor space of both tents together should be within 300 sq. feet

– Additional structures are not allowed on campsites, except for rain tarps and screen house

Camping Laws for the Young

Camping is not just for adults or families in general. Lots of young children and teens engage in camping activities, some yearly. Children and teens would not be deprived of the joys of camping, considering they abide by these rules:

– Youth groups in the campsites should have at least 2 adults to supervise them

– The counselors will be responsible for the young kids in their group(s)

– Children under the age of 15 cannot be left in the campsite or other camping area without any supervision

– People under the age of 18 are not allowed to camp unless they have a legal guardian with them, or an adult alongside them who has written permission from said guardian

Laws for Having Pets on Campsite

Your pet shouldn’t have to stay behind as you enjoy some relaxing moments out camping. You can certainly bring your pets tothe campsite, just make sure you follow these rules:

– Rabies certificate is required before approaching check-in with the pet

– You are allowed to have 4 pets at a single campsite

– The pets have to be put on leashes

– Unless the campsite has horse camping under its facilities, anyone except for law enforcement individuals is not allowed to bring horse(s)

– Places where pets are not allowed- beach, cabins, washrooms, and state buildings

Camping Laws for Interacting with Wildlife

– Campers should not approach the wildlife around their campsite

– Refrain from feeding the wild animals

– Do not leave any food lying around

– Make sure to keep coolers and stocked food stored away in your tent or the trailer

Campfire Rules

Without a campfire at the night, your camping experience may fall short. So make sure you sit beside the warm flames and bring some tasty marshmallows if you can. But, keep these rules in mind as well:

– Campers cannot bring their own firewood, they must purchase or collect firewood from the campsite

– Do not set up a campfire randomly, light it up in the specified spots

– Campfires cannot be left unattended

– Make sure the fire is fully extinguished before you leave the site

– Campfires should not stay alight after midnight

Additional Camping Rules Post Covid-19

With the recent pandemic in consideration, some new rules were added to the list. These safety precautions are necessary to ensure the campers can have a pleasant time without risking themselves to the virus.

– No visitors are allowed

– Campers can make reservations 4 months prior to the date of their arrival

– Advance reservation is mandatory

– Camping in large groups is not allowed

– Campers have to wear a mask at all times

Final Words

Camping is a fun activity that can help you refresh your body and mind. But spending some leisure doesn’t allow you to be irresponsible. Keep your campsite clean and follow the rules.


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