Popularly referred to as “The Great American Desert”, Nebraska’s landscape is beautifully crafted with rocky formations and dunes making it the ideal state for adventurous activities such as hiking, rock climbing, camping, etc. To learn about camping laws in Nebraska and where you can go camping to unwind from the busy schedule, check out the below article.

While individual thrill-seeking adventures can be done at your own risk, camping with your loved ones in campgrounds across the state comes with its set of camping laws and regulations  in Nebraska that must be followed.

Camping Laws and Regulations In Nebraska

  1. A permit worth twelve dollars should be obtained for camping in state parks.
  2. Campsite reservation is mandatory since all first-come-first-serve camping is prohibited until further notice.
  3. The camping period can last only up to 7 days with the total number of campers being not more than 8.
  4. Each campsite is allowed only one RV or motorhome.
  5. Water for the campsites should be obtained from a properly constructed and easily located source that is free of contamination.
  6. All the food in the campground should abide by the “Food Service Sanitation Manual” established by US Public Health Service in 1976.
  7. Every campground should have a licensed practitioner of the healing arts to handle any emergency medical situation.

Camping Laws and Regulations In Nebraska: Current Rules and Regulations

  • All restrooms and park shower houses should be prohibited from entry until further notice.
  • Reservations can only be made up to 1 month before the date of camping.
  • All park offices except gatehouses in some cases must be closed for campers.
  • All campsites should be placed a minimum of 25 feet apart.
  • All sorts of tent camping are prohibited until further notice.
  • Fishing, hiking, and biking are allowed on park grounds.

Best Places To Camp In Nebraska

Fort Robinson State Park

Camping Laws in Nebraska

Located in Crawford, Fort Robinson State Park has both electric and primitive campsite options to meet every camper’s preferences. It’s the ultimate destination for adventure enthusiasts as there’s a huge number of activities you can take part in such as hiking, jeep riding, mountain biking, hunting, cross-country skiing, and more!

What’s great about this state park is the exact location where cavalrymen once used to live has been converted into cabins and modern facilities. If you want to soak in the history of the area, you can check out the historic tours and trail rides arranged by the management in Fort Robinson State Park.

Mormon Island State Recreation Area

Camping Laws in Nebraska

Reachable by just a short drive from Grand Island, the Mormon Island State Recreation Area is surrounded by scenic topography to ease your mind. Also considered as Nebraska’s part of “Chain of Lakes”, this recreation area is packed with modern facilities to meet every camper’s needs which includes electrical hookups, restrooms, and a Laundromat.

In terms of activities, you can choose from kayaking, fishing, boating, swimming, hiking, picnicking, and more!

Double Nickle Campground

Camping Laws in Nebraska

What makes Double Nickle Campground one of the most popular options in the state is its location. Since it’s situated in the middle of the state, it’s conveniently accessible from multiple places such as the Crystal Lake State Recreation Center, the Mormon Island State Recreation Area, and the capital city of Lincoln.

In this campground, you can enjoy playing mini-golf, swimming, and watching movies on Saturday nights. Plus, you can bring your furry friends to this clean and pet-friendly campground as well.

Sleepy Sunflower RV Park

This is a family-owned park located in Ogallala, just 8 miles from Boot Hill Cemetery, Front Street, and Lake McConaughy.  Considered one of the highly preferred options by the locals, this RV park can easily accommodate 75-feet vehicles.

You can also bring your dogs here and let them spend time in the dog park within the premises. Plus, the amenities and recreational facilities in Sleepy Sunflower TV Park are noteworthy as well.

Fremont Lakes State Recreation Area

Situated in Fremont, this recreation area is the epitome of camping in style. All the campers here will have access to showers, drinking water, electric hookups, picnic tables, firewood, toilet, alcohol, and more!

You can also bring your four-legged furry friend to enjoy quality time with you amidst nature. In case you want to camp out in your vehicle, you’ll have access to sewer hookups, water hookups, sanitary dumps, and 30 amp hookups.

The Fremont Lakes State Recreation Area is loved by RV campers so if you need to obtain a spot, you must reserve well in advance.

Prairie Oasis Campground and Cabins

If you live in the southeast region of Nebraska, you must check out the Prairie Oasis Campground and Cabins located in Henderson. If you stay there, you can easily visit a few of the popular attractions nearby such as the York Area Children’s Museum and the Henderson Mennonite Heritage Park.

There’s an array of on-site recreational activities for you to choose from but you must try paddle-boating and fishing. The campground is open throughout the year except for a few services during the winter months.

Grand Island KOA Journey

For a peaceful camping trip, Grand Island KOA Journey is a great option as it’s conveniently located amidst farm fields. However, it’s not completely isolated as you can easily reach it via a short drive from Stuhr Museum. This campground is popularly known as a base for watching the annual spring bird migration.

Here, you can take part in multiple activities including, but not limited to, cycling on 3-wheeled or 4-wheeled bikes, sky watching, and more. You can also spend quality time with your cats and dogs here, as it’s a pet-friendly campground.

Final Words

The majority of the campgrounds across Nebraska come with amenities to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable. A home away from home is exactly what you need while you can grasp the beauty of nature. As long as you stick by the rules and regulations of the campground you’re staying in, you should be able to create incredible memories camping with your loved ones.


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