Utah is a picturesque state filled with red mountains, wild and sandy deserts, golden beaches, and dense forests. The scenic topography of the state makes it a great place for camping. With thousands of campgrounds for you to choose from, Utah is the perfect state for adventures in the Mountain West region of the country. With that being said, there are certain camping laws established by the state that must be followed to experience a hassle-free trip. To learn about camping laws in Utah check out the below article.

Camping Laws In Utah

  1. A permit should be obtained to camp in undeveloped parts of a park.
  2. Required fees should be paid before occupying a campsite.
  3. The maximum occupancy limit for a campsite is up to 8 people with 2 vehicles.
  4. No reserved campsite should be occupied.
  5. Camping should be done only in designated areas.
  6. Period of stay for camping should not exceed 14 consecutive days.
  7. Check-out time for all campsites is 2 pm.
  8. Thorough clean-up and removal of personal items are mandatory before departing the campsite.
  9. Shower authorization permit is required to use showers in the campsite.
  10. Quiet hours should be maintained from 10 pm to 7 am in all campgrounds except in Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park where the end time is 9 am.

Camping Laws In Utah: Free Camping Locations In Utah

Northern Utah BLM Land

Camping Laws In Utah

The most popular free camping spot in this region is the Five Mile Recreation Area where you can go hiking and mountain biking. If you want to experience noise-free camping you must go there during the week.

For hunters, a great station is an area that leads up to Bovine Mountains, Grouse Creek Mountains, and Goose Creek Mountains. However, if you do not have hunting gear or any hunting experience, it’s advisable to visit the area as it may not be safe for you and your family.

Northern Utah Forest Service Land

Camping Laws In Utah

To get your hands on an established pull-out in this region, visit the Uinta Mountain Range. For a peaceful camping experience, you must check out Hickerson Park, Soldier Park, and the Ashley National Forest where you’ll find free campgrounds in the Navajo Cliffs.

Bonneville Salt Flats

Camping Laws In Utah

This region is popular for car racing events so the best time to camp out there would be during May-October. You can also check out primitive campsites in the Pilot Range or through the Silver Island Mountain Backcountry Byway. For hikers, popular spots include Campbell Peak, the Lamus Peak, and the Grahams Summit.

Best Places To Camp In Utah

White House Trailhead & Campground

Located near the Vermillion Cliffs National Monument, the White House Campground is a popular camping destination for adventure enthusiasts especially for hiking into Paria Canyon. You can witness breathtaking views of the red sandstone cliffs that surround the campground.

The campground has only 5 campsites so it’s advisable to go there during the week. Amenities include bathrooms, toilets, picnic tables, fire rings, grills, and more. Also, while you’re there, you must check out the Buckskin Gulch and the Wire Pass.

Little Grand Canyon

Conveniently situated in the San Rafael Swell, Little Grand Canyon is a first-come-first-serve camping spot suitable for campers who are fond of Native-American art, mountain climbing, hunting, and more. You can easily reach the spot from surrounding towns such as Castledale, Orangeville, and Huntington.

To enter the campground, look for the “The Wedge Overlook” sign and it will lead you to an area with excellent views and life-saving amenities. The Little Grand Canyon is popular for not just adventures but leisure camping and photography as well.

Zion’s National Park

One of the most visited camping spots in Zion’s National Park is the Watchman Campground which has massive, well-spaced campsites with all the necessary amenities including fresh drinking water, clean bathrooms, picnic tables, and fire rings. Good news for large groups, you can also find campsites that can accommodate up to 40 people!

While you can spend quality time with your loved ones at your campsite, you must not miss out on checking out the breathtaking view of the Watchman Cliff at dawn. Also, photographers should visit the Canyon Junction Bridge to capture the incredible 360-degree scenery.

Lone Rock Beach

Lone Rock Beach is the ultimate beach camping destination in Utah. Location right across the Arizona-Utah border, this open beach is a popular camping spot all year round. With just a $10 entry to the beach, you can easily locate a secluded spot to spend time with your friends and family.

Even though it can be a bit crowded in the summer, waking up to the spectacular sunrise with Lake Powell and red rock canyons in the picture all becomes worth it. As for the daytime, you can take part in multiple activities including swimming, kayaking, fishing, hiking, picnicking, and more. 

Dave’s Hollow Campground

If you’re looking for the ideal base camp in Utah, you must visit Dave’s Hollow located just fifteen minutes away from Bryce. The Dave’s Hollow campground ensures the perfect combination of adventurous and peaceful camping.

The quiet location will allow you to unwind while the possibility of a myriad of activities such as mountain biking and hiking will quench the thirst for adventure enthusiasts.

Also, the high elevation allows you to grasp incredible views of the sky as well as the surroundings. With ISO cameras, you can even witness other planets! So, it’s a must-visit camping location for photographers as well.

Final Words

The multifaceted scenery of Utah makes it one of the most popular states for all types of camping. As you can see from this article, you can opt for free camping as well which will ensure the same experience as it would in a campground, if not better. So, go ahead and choose the nearest camping location to you in Utah and bask in the sun while you witness the beautiful surroundings.



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