Florida is one of those US states that has favorable weather conditions for camping all year round. Whether you want to camp by the serene lakes, sandy beaches, woody forests, or coral reefs the climate in Florida allows you to spend quality time with your loved ones.For summer camping, you may have to carry lightweight clothes to beat the humidity but campfires would suffice during the negligible drop in temperature in winters. With that being said, there are certain camping laws in Florida which you must abid by. As long as you stick to the rules, you’re bound to create memorable camping experiences with your friends and family.

  • “Campground” portrays any property that falls under a membership camping However, it does not include recreational camps, recreational vehicle parks, lodging, or mobile home.
  • “Membership Camping Plan” creates the right for the purchaser to use a campground and its facilities.
  • “Campsite” refers to any part of a campground that has been designed to create an area for camping that may include the accommodation of camping gear in that particular area.
  • “Facilities” refers to all sorts of amenities offered in the campgrounds which may or may not include recreation buildings, swimming pools, cabins, etc.

Where To Go Camping In Florida

Florida is packed with national parks, state parks, city parks, and other recreational areas to camp with your friends and family. You can either choose to check out one of the popular camping destinations mentioned below or you can simply camp in recreational vans which is a quite favored camping option by the locals.

1. Crooked River Campground

If you’re looking for a camping spot where you can enjoy time with your friends and family at peace, the Crooked River Campground would be your ideal choice. You can book a campsite in advance and obtain permits from the officials.

Every campsite in Crooked River Campground is equipped with amenities such as restrooms, showers, grills, picnic tables, etc. Plus, you can build a campfire in the fire ring that comes in every site as well. As long as you bring your camp gear and food supplies, you’re bound to have a great time here.

Things To Do

  • Go on a hike in the River canoe trails which is accessible from the campground
  • Visit the Colonial Coast to capture scenic surroundings
  • Skywatch with your loved ones at night

2. Blackwater River State Park

Blackwater River State Park is a popular option for campsites mainly due to the picturesque Blackwater River that has the purest sand bed. A scenic landscape is created as the blackwater seamlessly meets the bright sand shoreline.

Due to the beauty of the landscape campsites are usually booked way ahead of time. So, you must secure a spot out of the 27 available campsites. Don’t you worry if you’re planning to camp in an RV as 26 out of those sites have ample space for accommodating vehicles.   

Things To Do          

  • Go for kayaking or canoeing in the river
  • Do a picnic on the white sand beaches nearby
  • Build a campfire in a spot surrounding the pines

3. Fort De Soto Campground

Fort De Soto Campground has 238 campsites along its white sand beaches where you can soak up the sun during hot summer and enjoy the cold breeze during Florida “winters”.  Fort De Soto is accessible to everyone through the 2200 feet nature trail. However, you can enjoy your privacy in your allocated campsite which you have to book in advance.

Things To Do

  • Go for hiking on the paved trail measuring 7 miles
  • Try canoeing or kayaking in the ocean but keep an eye for shark and manatee
  • Enjoy quality time with your dog in the dog park inside the campground

4. Rainbow Springs State Park

Rainbow Springs State Park offers 44 plots that can fit tents and RVs, 3 sites allotted to only RVs or trailers, and 7 sites solely for tents. To secure your preferred site, you have to book in advance especially if you’re going on the weekends. Also, keep in mind that you should bring a ground tarp if you’re planning to sleep on a tent because all the sites are filled with gravel.

Things To Do

  • Bring your snorkeling gear to you can check out the underwater world
  • Cook a meal for a picnic in the campsite amenities such as picnic table, fire ring, electric and water lines, etc.
  • Try out canoeing in the calm water

5. Jonathan Dickinson State Park

You can choose from either the River Campground or the Pine Grove, both located inside the Jonathan Dickinson State Park. Both of them offer amenities such as electricity, water, grill, table, etc.

Also, if you happen to camp with a horse, this park offers 5 campsites for equestrian camping as well!

Things To Do

  • Go for kayaking or canoeing in the Loxahatchee River
  • If you choose to go backpacking, book one of the primitive campsites on the Florida Trail

Florida State Park Rules

  • The majority of the state parks require an entrance fee along with additional charges for activities.
  • Pets have designated areas with hand-held leashes.
  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages is allowed in only designated areas.
  • Florida Fishing License may be required for fishing in some Florida State Parks.
  • Except for special hunting season, hunting is prohibited in all Florida State Parks.
  • Fireworks are not allowed in any Florida State Park

Final Words

Camping laws are established to ensure security as well as a sense of organized use of a public property. Outdoor enthusiasts can easily quench their thirst for adventure in state parks, national parks, recreational grounds, and forests in Florida. We are positive that abiding by the rules will not only help you to achieve a safe trip but will also help you sleep peacefully at night in the outdoors.

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