This country is a multifaceted piece of massive landscape that is filled with scenic mountains, golden beaches, emerald forests, and more. Due to this, it can be quite overwhelming to narrow down a camping spot for the coming summer.  Every state has its share of breathtaking topography that makes it suitable for camping. To help you choose ideal location, we have a list of the best US states for camping.

However, it’s not possible to check them all out in one summer. To help you figure out the best US state for camping near you, we are here with a well-thought list that nobody should miss out on.

1. Colorado

Top 10 US States For Campin

Colorado is one of the best camping states in the US due to its natural beauty that covers every possible landscape including rugged mountains, serene lakes, green forests, and more.

Due to the geographical structure of the majority of Colorado, it’s suitable for adrenaline junky campers. So, if you’re looking for the ultimate mountain camping experience, Colorado would be the ideal state.

Every site you choose to camp in will have breathtaking hiking trails nearby. There are more than forty state parks and four national parks in Colorado for you to choose from.

Best Camping Spots: Rocky Mountain National Park, Mesa Verde National Park

2. Arizona

Arizona is one of the most popular states for camping in the US due to the stunning Grand Canyon. The Trainer Village inside the Grand Canyon National Park is a private campground that is loved by many tourists. However, the possibility of camping is not just limited to well-renowned spots.

If you’re in the state, you must check out the Desert View campground for a private secluded spot for camping with your friends and family. Just keep in mind that these spots follow the first-come-first-served system.

Best Camping Spots: Desert View Campground, Page Lake Powell Ground

3. Washington

The Washington state has got the best of both worlds – spectacular mountains and pleasant beaches. You can also choose to camp out in the breathtaking temperate rainforests of Douglas fir.

If you’re looking for a campground with the necessary amenities the Eagle Tree RV Park located in Poulsbo would be an ideal choice. Also, Port Angeles is an amazing option where you can check out the Elwha Dam RV Park. While you’re there, you can also go to Hurricane Hill in less than an hour!

Best Camping Spots:  Hoh Campground, Eagle Tree RV Park, Olympic National Park

4. North Carolina

If you’re on the east coast, you must go camping in the all-in-one state, North Carolina that has forests, rivers, oceans, and mountains to quench your adventure thirst.

The state is filled with affordable campgrounds making it suitable for anyone to unwind from their busy schedule. If there’s one nature treasure that you shouldn’t miss out on in North Caroline, it has to be the Outer Banks.

A popular campground in the area is Camp Hatters Campground which has indoor and outdoor pools, playgrounds, bathhouses, playgrounds, and more!

Best Camping Spots: Ashville Bear Creek RV Park, Mount Pisgah Campground, Smoky Mountain Premier RV Resort

5. New Mexico

Top 10 US States For Campin

New Mexico is an enchanting state that portrays beautiful landscapes in the form of mountains, grasslands, and desserts making it ideal for camping. Picturesque locations all across the state allow you to take part in multiple recreational activities that include climbing, fishing, hunting, and more.

If you’re on a budget you can go to the Aguirre Spring Campground for a shady and peaceful camping spot during the hot season.

Best Camping Spots: Black Canyon Campground, Carlsbad Caverns National Park

6. Missouri

Top 10 US States For Campin

Missouri is packed with beautiful state parks that offer recreational activities such as boating, fishing, and hunting. If you live in Missouri and want to avoid the summer heat the swimming spots in Johnson’s Shut-Ins are great.

Plus, you can find private camping areas nearby to relax in. Missouri is filled with rivers, lakes, and creeks making it ideal for both leisure camping and adventure-filled backpacking. So, if you want to beat the heat, you must check out Missouri for camping.

Best Camping Spots: Mark Twain National Forest, Ozark National Scenic Riverway

7. Utah

Top 10 US States For Campin

Utah is the ultimate choice for dramatic sunsets and breathtaking canyons making it the perfect state for summer camps. The best camp-friendly spot of the state is undoubtedly the Capitol Reef National Park where you can find amazing locations for dispersed camping as well.

If you prefer to camp with your friends and family in secure campgrounds with multiple amenities you should check out the Canyonlands RV Resort and Campground which even offers on-site groceries! For a modern camping experience that allows you to shop, eat, and do other fun activities close by, you can try out the Zion Canyon Campground and RV Resort.

Best Camping Spots: Canyonlands RV Resort and Campground, Capitol Reef National Park, Zion Canyon Campground and RV Resort

8. Georgia

Top 10 US States For Campin

Home to spectacular natural wonders that include rugged cliffs, lucid waterfalls, and deep canyons, Georgia is a multifarious state. The impressive landscapes in this state make it ideal for all types of camping and backpacking.

If you’re not seeking adventure, you can simply rent out beautiful cottages located all over the state to enjoy a cozy camping experience with your loved ones.

Best Camping Spots: Cloudland Canyon State Park, Stone Mountain Park Campground, West Rim Campground

9. Montana

Top 10 US States For Campin

Montana is an all-consuming state of vast natural lands that meets the bright blue skies. It’s the perfect state for adventure enthusiasts as you can go hiking, hunting, river rafting, rock climbing, and more in proximity to your chosen campsite.

Due to the landscape being multifaceted, Montana is a top choice for many campers during summer. If there’s one site that you should check out it has to be the Many Glacier Campground that is occupied by scenic mountains and turquoise lakes.         

Best Camping Spots: Yellowstone National Park, Glacier National Park, Iceberg Lake Trails.

10. New York

Top 10 US States For Campin

Often counted as a state for busy dwellers, the New York state is much more than that. It is conveniently jammed with a natural panorama of lakes, mountains, and beaches as well as monumental spots like historic battlefields.

You can either choose any state park for weekend camping or go for one of the natural wonders such as Niagra Falls, the Lake Placid, or the Catskills. No matter what type of camping location you’re looking for, the New York State has it.

Best Camping Spots: Adirondack Mountains, Heart Lake Campground, Van Hoevenberg Trail

Final Words

Every US state featured in this article has its own designated landscape scene that makes it ideal for any type of camping whether you prefer to just relax or go on an adventure-seeking route.

Since not everyone opts for camping in forests, we have covered every type of landscape in this article to meet your preference. One thing we can assure is no matter which state you choose you’ll have an amazing time camping with your loved ones amidst the beauty of nature.


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