Amongst the smallest states in the U.S, New Hampshire is also one of the regions that stand out due to its natural beauty. It might be the 13 miles of the blue Atlantic coastline or it might be the glorious rivers, valleys, and mountains, but this state truly has a different slice to offer. Mount Washington, its highest peak, extends to 6,288 feet within the White Mountains. Given the larger-than-life flora and fauna, New Hampshire has grown to become a camper’s favorite. If you’re visiting the state or are a resident and decided to indulge yourself in nature, you’re going to need to be equipped with the right gear. Here’s where to buy camping gear in New Hampshire.

Eastern Mountain Sports is an outdoor clothing and equipment giant based in Meriden, Connecticut. In New Hampshire, they have six locations spread throughout the state – Manchester, Concord, Portsmouth, West Lebanon, Nashua, and Peterborough. You will find a range of the best camping essential from renowned brands as well as EMS itself. 

2. Lahout's - The North Face®, Patagonia® & Marmot® Summit Shop – Multiple Locations

You can find a Lahout’s in Lincoln and Littleton. They have been selling the best quality camping equipment for more than a 100 years now and they have a gigantic customer base.  The brand is an authorized dealer for a wide variety of footwear, apparel, and accessories from regional to global lines.

3. International Mountain Equipment, North Conway

Since 1974, International Mountain Equipment has been equipping campers with top-notch gear. You can go into their retail shops to check out a large range of tents, sleeping bags, and many more accessories. They mostly sell their inventory on consignment and house a bunch of noteworthy brands. Location: 2733 White Mountain Hwy, North Conway, NH 03860, United States

4. REI, North Conway

This retail chain carries an impressive selection of apparel, gear, and footwear to meet all your outdoor activity needs. Not only that, but the brand makes sure to inspire you about camping, cycling, climbing, hiking, and all such activities through their message.

You can also check out the large variety of day tours, classes, and events to help out first-time campers. Plus, they provide free personal outfitting. Location:1498 White Mountain Hwy C30, North Conway, NH 03860, United States.

5. The Tackle Shack, Multiple Locations

With their motto, “Cultivating responsible hunters & Anglers in New Hampshire,” the Tackle Shack presents a decent choice of camping and fishing equipment. Currently, they have two stores in New Hampshire – New-bury and Meredith. Although primarily focused on fishing gear like bait and hooks, there is also an abundance of items needed to camp out.

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6. Travel & Nature, Exeter

This locally owned business houses everything from travel books and maps to necessary outdoor apparel and equipment. This could be your one-stop solution to all the camping needs. Customers love their fair pricing and “untouchable” customer service. Location: 45 Water St, Exeter, NH 03833, United States.

7. Effortless Adventure, Plymouth

Staying true to its name, Effortless Adventure aims to make the outdoor conquests of wanderlusts easier and more convenient. Their product portfolio is pretty diverse – tents, sleeping bags, pots, pans, chairs, coolers, heaters, duffel bags, and much more. If you don’t want to invest just now, they also do rentals where you can select a package and they provide an entire camping toolkit. Location: 231 Main St, Plymouth, NH 03264, United States.

Camping Essentials

Now that you know where to buy camping gear in New Hampshire, let’s briefly discuss what you should buy to optimize your trip.

  • Sleeping Bag: A sleeping bag provides required warmth to your body when you’re sleeping out in nature, and they offer a bit of extra cushioning as well. Most campers prefer brining along a sleeping pad too, but that’s far from a necessity, especially if you’re the kind who can catch some z’s anywhere. Most campers also sleep inside a tent, but the extreme campers would go for an enclosed bag to protect themselves from the snow and rain.
  • Tent: Generally, tents can be shared by two people. However, larger tents can house up to fix or six campers. So, if you’re travelling in a group, consider the number of campers and adjust the count of tents. The
  • Water Bottle: Don’t try to be like those survival experts on television and think you can drink from a stream or carry your water in a bamboo shell. Of course, you can, but we would highly discourage that for recreational campers. Canteens are popular but they limit you. Not only do they give a funky taste to the water, but you also can’t cook in them if needed. Consider buying a wide-mouthed water bottle.
  • Multitool: A camper’s pack is simply not complete without a multitool. A multitool is to a modern outdoor enthusiast as a Swiss army knife is to a resourceful person. These handy gadgets give you a way to carry several tools in one light and convenient package. Even the simplest of these contraptions come with screwdrivers, pliers, knife blade, and scissors, whereas the more developed models feature everything apart from a kitchen sink.
  • Survival Kit: While packing for camp, make sure that the first thing you stuff inside your luggage is a survival kit. Sure, you may be going on a planned trip with 20 others, but you can’t be sure that things will always go your way, particularly if you’re in the wild. Should a worst-case scenario occur while you’re camping, you need a few essential items to survive.

Bottom Line

Camping can be fun if you make sure to pack all the required items and stay safe. For your own safety, make sure to buy decent camping gear before you venture out into the wilderness

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