Camping opportunities in Nebraska are so versatile that people often travel from nearby states to experience staying in a variety of outdoor landscapes that may include grasslands, caves, mountains, waterfalls, fossil beds, and more.

This picturesque state is a popular option among adventure enthusiasts. With that being said, outdoor stay in any type of topography calls for high-quality gear that will help you survive.

The right clothes and equipment are crucial for any camping trip. To guide you on the most authentic finds, we have created a list of the best stores for campinggear in Nebraska.


Sierra is a multifaceted outdoor clothing and gear store that has products suitable for every adventure you can think of, be it camping, hiking, rock climbing, skiing, fishing, and more. They have multiple categories to cover clothing for every season so whether you’re looking for cargo shorts to beat the heat or insulated jackets to endure the drop in temperature, you’ll find it there.

In terms of camping gear, they have a huge collection of sleeping equipment, furniture, kitchen essentials, and more. So, if you’re in Omaha, you must visit their store to grab all the camping essentials.


Cabela’s is the ultimate stop for outdoor clothing and gearin Nebraska. They have multiple locations in Sidney, Kearney, and La Vista equipped with hundreds of top brands for you to choose from. Starting from jackets, baselayers, and rainwear to boots, athletic shoes, and accessories, they’ve got everything you need for camping in the scorching heat or piercing cold weather.

Their campinggear collection is note-worthy as well which includes high-quality tents, sleeping bags, flashlights, coolers, hydration packs, dehydrators, and more.

For a first-time camper, Cabela’s is undoubtedly going to be heaven as it’s packed with all the essentials you can think of. Luckily, they have extremely friendly and helpful staff who can guide you on exactly what you need based on your camping plan.

So, if you’re in one of the mentioned locations, you must drop by their store especially the one in La Vista as it covers an area of about 128,000 square feet.

Dick’s Sporting Goods

To grab all you need for a comfortable camping season, visit Dick’s Sporting Goods in one of the following locations in Nebraska – Omaha, Papillion, Grand Island, and Lincoln. This store is equipped with any type of clothing piece you may be looking for including fleece, jackets, hoodies, swimwear, compression, etc.

They also have a huge collection of adventure-appropriate footwear ranging from boots and hiking shoes to breathable sandals and flip flops. Dick’s Sporting Goods carries top brands in the industry such a Columbia, Yeti, and North Face that ensure top-notch quality.


If you’re planning to camp outdoors in style, you must get your hands on the high-quality camping gear from Backwoods, Omaha. This store has provisions to meet every adventure enthusiast’s needs in terms of both clothing and gear.

Their wide selection of apparel and gear from brands like Osprey, Kuhl, Arcade, and Salomon is worth checking out especially if you don’t mind investing in pieces that will last you for years.   

Backwoods also has an array of camping gear including backpacks, tents, sleeping bags, cooking stoves, hammocks, flashlights, camp chairs, medical kits, and more! No matter how long your camping essentials list is, we’re positive that you’ll be able to tick off everything once you visit Backwoods.

Omaha Knife

Omaha Knife should be undoubtedly your go-to spot if you’re planning to go for dispersed camping or backpacking. Initially, their inventory only consisted of knives and axes but now that they have expanded to other camping essentials as well, you’ll find everything you need for a safe and convenient camping trip.

Along with these tools they also offer water filtration systems, flashlights, and sharpening systems that are crucial for your stay in the wilderness.

Whether you’re making a shelter with available materials in the surroundings or you’re creating a weapon as a safety tool against wildlife, Omaha Knife is well-equipped to meet your needs. So, if you’re a thrill-seeking enthusiast who doesn’t mind camping in the wilderness without using store-bought tents, pay a visit to this store to grab a few essentials that may save your life.


Scheels is a popular store for outdoor clothing and gear, found in two locations, Omaha and Lincoln. You can find products from brands like Mountainsmith and Coleman in Scheels that ensure the highest quality.

Starting from sleeping bags and coolers to hunting gearand fishing tools, Scheels has got everything in store for you. For apparel, they have separate categories for men, women, and children as well so you can easily stock up relevant clothing pieces for everyone if you’re going on a family camping trip.


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The Moose’s Tooth

Located in Lincoln, The Moose’s Tooth is a cozy, yet well-equipped outdoor clothing and gear store owned by locals who are both friendly and knowledgeable to guide you on what you need to buy and how to use it. Even though it’s a small store, you’ll come across many top brands like North Face, Black Diamond, and Patagonia. Currently, they have a winter sale going on, so if you’re near the area, you must check out this store.

Final Words

The importance of every piece of campinggear is understood only when you’ve forgotten to bring it and you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere. The ideal way to shop for campinggear is to make a list of everything you may need based on the climate, location, and terrain you choose. The abundance of outdoor clothing and gear that the above stores offer is enough to keep you covered for any camping trip in Nebraska. So, all you need to do is find the nearest store and grab all the essentials.


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